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MCS 10 - talk

Bockhorn, H.: "Some notes on challenges of combustion in future energy systems".
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Bachelor- and Masterthesis

Current proposals for topics of bachelor- and master thesis you find on the following page.
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Chair of Combustion Technology (EBI vbt)


The Chair of Combustion Technology of the Engler-Bunte-Institute belongs to the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering. The chair of Combustion Technology is held by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Trimis. In the field of combustion technology different objectives of research are addressed with various diagnostic methods and theoretical aproaches.


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Henning Bockhorn nominated as «Fellow of the Combustion Institute»

Henning Bockhorn has been nominated as "Fellow of the Combustion Institute" for innovative research on combustion, pyrolysis and various thermal processes.

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Christoph Wieland receives DVGW student prize

DVGW Vice President Gas Dr. Thomas Hüwener honoured the young engineers. <br>left to right: Wieland, Stope, Neumeier, Dr. Hüwener<br> (Source: <a href=>DVGW</a>)
DVGW Vice President Gas Dr. Thomas Hüwener honoured the young engineers.
left to right: Wieland, Stope, Neumeier, Dr. Hüwener
(Source: DVGW)

The DVGW student award has been given for more than 30 years to outstanding theses of young academics in the fields of energy, gas and water. The DVGW student award is given for bachelor´s, master´s and diploma theses that have practical relevance to technical and scientific issues in the energy/gas or water sector and have been rated "very good".
Christoph Wieland is awarded this prize for his master thesis "Modellierung eines katalytischen Wandreaktors zur CO2-Methanisierung" in which he examines the reactor dimensions required for achieving as complete a turnover as possible.

The supervisor of the project was Prof. Dr. -Ing. Dimosthenis Trimis, Engler-Bunte-Institut of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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