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  • Hagen, F.P.; Rinkenburger, A.; Günther, J.; Bockhorn, H.; Niessner, R.; Suntz, R.; Loukou, A.; Trimis, D.; Haisch, C., (2020). Spark discharge-generated soot: Varying nanostructure and reactivity against oxidation with molecular oxygen by synthesis conditions. Journal of Aerosol Science, 143, 105530.(doi:10.1016/j.jaerosci.2020.105530)

  • Koch, Sergej; Kubach, Heiko; Velji, Amin; Koch, Thomas; Hagen, Fabian P.; Bockhorn, Henning; Loukou, Alexandra; Trimis, Dimosthenis; Suntz, Rainer, (2020). Impact of Injection Strategy on Soot Reactivity and Particle Properties of a GDI Engine. SAE International Technical Paper, (2020-01-0392), (doi:10.4271/2020-01-0392)


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  • Hagen, F.; Hardock, F.; Bockhorn, H.; Loukou, A.; Suntz, R.; Trimis, D.; (2019). Vortrag: HRTEM-Bildauswertungsalgorithmus zur Quantifizierung der geometrischen und Nano-Struktur von Rußpartikeln. Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet Fachgruppen Partikelmesstechnik und Aerosoltechnologie, Frankfurt am Main, 6.–7. März 2019,

  • Hagen, F.; Hardock, F.; Bockhorn, H.; Loukou, A.; Suntz, R.; Trimis, D., (2019). Soot particle nanostructure from HRTEM images and reactivity towards oxidation, in Proceedings of the European Combustion Meeting – 2019, April 14-17, Lisboa, Portugal, p. S1_R1_90, .

  • Hagen, F.; Hardock, F.; Bockhorn, H.; Loukou, A.; Suntz, R.; Trimis, D., (2019). Soot Particles: Nanostructure from HRTEM Images, Optical Properties and Reactivity, in Proceeding of the Eleventh Mediterranean Combustion Symposium - MCS11, June, 16-20, Tenerife, Spain, .

  • Koch, S.; Hagen, F. P.; Kubach, H.; Velji, A.; Koch, T.; Bockhorn, H.; Loukou, A.; Trimis, D.; Poster: Reactivity of Particles from Gasoline Direct Injection Engine: Correlation of Engine Parameters and Particle Characteristics. 23rd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles, Zürich, Schweiz, June, 17-20, 2019.


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  • Hagen, F.; Loukou, A.; Häber, T.; Vlavakis, P.; Bockhorn, H.; Suntz, R.; Trimis, D.; Poster: Correlations of Reactivity with Structural and Optical Properties of Soot Particles for Application in Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment.. International Symposium on Combustion, Dublin, Ireland, July 29.-August 3., WIPP 4P069, 2018.