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Equilibrium calculator

Please try out our program for calculating the gas phase equilibrium state.


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  • Schneider, Michael; Weinbrecht, Petra; Wieland, Christoph; Weis, Christof; Trimis, Dimosthenis, (2020). Energy Efficient Coil Coating Process - ECCO, in 12th European Conference on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers, (14), online/live, Porto, Purtugal, November, 10-11, .


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  • Weinbrecht, Petra; Wieland, Christoph; Weis, Christof; Stelzner, Björn; Trimis, Dimosthenis; Poster: Entwicklung eines Porenbrenners mit breitem Leistungsspektrum für niederkalorische, wasserstoffhaltige Gase. 29. Deutscher Flammentag, Bochum, 17.-18. September, 2019.

  • Wieland, C.; Weinbrecht, P.; Weis, C; Habisreuther, P.; Trimis, D., (2019). Development of a porous burner for low calorific gaseous fuels offering a wide operating range, in Proceedings of the European Combustion Meeting – 2019, April 14-17, Lisboa, Portugal, p. S3_AIII_53, .

  • Wieland, C.; Zhou, J.; Weis, C.; Habisreuther, P.; Trimis, D.; Vortrag: Determination of dispersion coefficients of heat and mass for porous media by detailed numerical simulation. Seventeenth International Conference on Numerical Combustion, 06-08 May, Aachen, Germany, 2019, MS3-199.


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  • M. Gruber; C. Wieland; P. Habisreuther; D. Trimis; D. Schollenberger; S. Bajohr; O. von Morstein and S. Schirrmeister, (2018). Modeling and Design of a Catalytic Wall Reactor for the Methanation of Carbon Dioxide. Chem. Ing. Tech., 90, (5), 615-624.(doi:10.1002/cite.201700160)