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  Project summary

Project name:

Low Emissions Core-Engine Technologies 

Project acronym: LEMCOTEC 
Project duration: 2011-2015 
Financial support by: European Commission (EC) 
Description: Improvement and optimisation of PERM system (together with AVIO, UNI FI, CIAM)
  • Obtain the 65% NOx reduction at Injection System level, according to ACARE target, technology evolution of AVIO‟s PERM Injection System from NEWAC
  • Verify injection system operability at critical engine cycle points, to fulfil specific requirements like ignition and lean blow out behaviour at idle conditions and combustion instabilities control at high power.
  • Extend the performance of the PERM_EV injection system at real regional engine conditions for high OPR cycle points.
The work will be organised as follows:
  • An optimised PERM injection system (PERM_EV) will be developed and validated; baseline is the promising PERM2 IS injector, already tested at max 22 bars.
  • Define the PERM_EV and test up to 20 bars in a tubular rig by the HP rig of KIT
  • Develop an improved liner system to be coupled with the PERM_EV injector within the annular combustor configuration. Cold test will be performed by UNI FI.
  • Test in a combustor rig (CIAM) with PERM injection systems and with advanced liner cooling system.
  • Supported by detailed CFD modelling and extend the results to all the critical engine conditions.
  • Test of a second iterated and optimised injection system configuration at KIT
  • Investigate up TRL 4 the performance of a flame monitoring system, to be developed by KIT, and a plasma ignition system, to be developed by CIAM.
  • Depending on the TRL of the components, all developed technologies will be integrated in the annular combustor configuration at M24. Research investigations will continue to M48 estimating their impact on the final combustor configuration.
Project responsible: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nikolaos Zarzalis
Scientific staff: Dipl.-Ing. Jens Keller
Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Wollgarten