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Kolloquium Verbrennungstechnik

Programm des "Kolloquium Verbrennungstechnik" für das WS-2019/20 ist verfügbar.

Equilibrium calculator

Please try out our program for calculating the gas phase equilibrium state.


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Verbrennungstechnisches Seminar

Programm des "Verbrennungstechnischen Semiars" für das WS-2019/20 ist verfügbar.
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Bachelor- and Masterthesis

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Mass Transfer and Reaction Kinetics (ENTECH)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Zarzalis 

LV-Number: 22534

The event takes place at "Mi, 08:00-09:30".
The venue is "40.50, SR 004".
It amount to "2" SWS and takes place in SS.



  1. Definitions
  2. Stationary Diffusion
    1. Fick’s law for stationary diffusion
    2. Analogy between momentum, heat and mass transfer
  3. Chemical Kinetics
    1. Global versus elementary reactions
    2. Bimolecular reactions and collision theory
    3. Net production rate
      1. Compact notation
    4. Rate coefficient and equilibrium constants
    5. Steady state approximation
    6. Chemical time scales
    7. Partial equilibrium
  4. Coupling Chemical and Thermal Analysis of Reacting Systems