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Equilibrium calculator

Please try out our program for calculating the gas phase equilibrium state.

Kolloquium Verbrennungstechnik

Programm des "Kolloquium Verbrennungstechnik" für das WS-2019/20 ist verfügbar.


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Verbrennungstechnisches Seminar

Programm des "Verbrennungstechnischen Semiars" für das WS-2019/20 ist verfügbar.
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Bachelor- and Masterthesis

Current proposals for topics of bachelor- and master thesis you find on the following page.
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Heat Transfer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Zarzalis 

LV-Number: 22568

The event takes place at "Mi. 9:45 - 11:15".
The venue is "40.50 SR 004".
It amount to "2" SWS and takes place in SS.


Information on the examination of Heat Transfer (ENTECH)

Editing time:               3.0 h

Permitted utilities:      

  • 1 sheet (DIN A4) for formulas (both sides)
  • calculator (no pre-programmed formulas; the memory of programmable calculators has to be cleared before the examination)


  • No use of pencils as well as green and red colors
  • Blank sheets of paper will be provided
  • Only use the front page of each sheet
  • State on every sheet your name, matriculation-, page- and task number