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Design of a jet engine combustion chamber

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Zarzalis 

LV-Number: 22527

The event takes place at "Mi. 11:30-13:00".
The venue is "Geb. 50.41, (room -133)".
It amount to "2" SWS and takes place in WS.




Die Auslegung erfolgt ausgehend von den Leistungsdaten eines Triebwerks der Leistungsklasse 100 kN Schub

und soll folgende Dinge abdecken:

  • Brennkammervolumen
  • Geometrie des Vordiffusors und Brennkammerdruckverlust
  • Brenner
  • Brennkammerbelochung und Luftverteilung
  • Kühlbedarf und Kühlkonzept
  • Emissionen der Gasturbine






The design is based on the performance of a gas turbine engine with a power class of 100 kN thrust

nd will cover following items:
  • Combustion chamber volume
  • Pre diffuser and combustion pressure drop calculations
  • Burner design
  • Dilution holes and flow distribution
  • Cooling requirement and cooling concept
  • Emissions of the Gas turbine


This course work requires team work and dedication. At the end of course, all students will have to present their work as a team and separately as an individual too!