Advanced direct biogas fuel unit for robust and cost-saving decentralized hydrogen production

BioROBURplus builds on the results of the FCH JU BioROBUR project (Direct Oxidative Biogas Steam Reformer) around a pre-commercial fuel processing unit producing 50mN3 (i.e. 107 kg/day) of 99.0% hydrogen from different biogas types (landfill, anaerobic processing of organic waste, anaerobic processing of sewage sludge) in a cost-saving manner. The energy efficiency of biogas conversion to H2 will exceed 80% on HHV basis due to the following technological innovations:

  • increased internal heat recirculation allows minimizing air supply to the reformer due to structured cellular ceramics coated with stable and recyclable noble metal catalysts that have increased coking resistance.
  • a matched pressure-temperature swing adsorption (PTSA) capable of heat recovery both under pressure and at low temperatures to enable H2 separation from CO2 and N2.
  • a recuperative burner based on cellular ceramics capable of using the low calorific PTSA product gases to provide heat for the above process steps.

The complementary technological innovations already developed in BioROBUR (advanced modular system for air/steam control to limit coking; catalytic trap hosting WGS functionality and allowingdecomposition of incomplete reforming products; etc.) will allow to fulfil all project objectives within the project framework.