How to apply for the EBI-DNS code?

In order to get the EBI-DNS code, mainly two steps are required:

  1. If your are interested in the code you (or your supervisor, if you are a student) have to sign the "declaration of consent" and send it back to vbt-openfoam(∂) (of cause with the correct "@" sign). The main purpose of the agreement is to ensure that you do not sell the code and that it is used for scientific purposes, only. It also provides a reference to be cited when publishing results obtained with the code.
  2. We will then generate a link on our cloud server for you, that will enable to download the code within one month duration. The package includes the manual, instructions for installation, two tutorial cases (0D ignition and 1D flame) for a quick start.

If you have a question about the project, please feel free to contact us at vbt-openfoam(∂) !