Welcome to the KIT- and VBT-Services

Cloud Storage

A cloud service based on the free and open source cloud storage service ownCloud is offered at the chair. OwnCloud synchronizes personal data such as files, music and photos on multiple devices. In addition, the web interface also includes a photo gallery and an integrated PDF viewer. The included editor makes it possible to edit texts together with other users and supports programming work through syntax highlighting.

OwnCloud is a free and open source alternative to the well-known cloud storage services like Dropbox and Co. The service can be reached at: https://ebi-vbt-cloudx.ebi.kit.edu/ Access is granted using the KIT account (UserID / Password). Clients are available for various mobile and stationary devices via the popular APP stores.

WebMail KIT

In addition to the standard Oulook client which is installed on every PC in the Combustion Technology, KIT also offers a WebAccess OWA (Outlook Web Access) with which you can access your email via any browser. The use of OWA is recommended if server-side rules are to be set up. In the normal client environment, rules always refer to the current client unless a roaming profile is applied.

OWA WebMail
IMAP-Archive server

The mailboxes for KIT employees are limited to 5GB by default. Upon request, the mailbox size can be extended. In very special cases up to the limit of 50GB. Since mailbox storage is subject to budgeting, we have created the possibility to archive emails on an IMAP server. This has the great advantage over an archive file that is stored locally on the PC or at best on a network server, accessible worldwide. The IMAP service is provided on request.

IntraVBT server

Since under the new KIT layout not everything can be published as we were able to in the past, the old VBT-webserver will continue to be operated as "treasure of the VBT". By logging in with the KIT account, one can access further important information, e.g. cluster tools, instructions for the VBT cluster and other infrastructure relevant topics.

OPSI software service

Important comprehensive software products such as Matlab, Origin, ANSYS, CREO to name a few, are distributed in VBT via OPSI (Open PC Server Integration) and kept up to date. Since script programming is not always easy, scripts are created for distribution only when the software product is used by the vast majority of users.

VBT cluster

A Beowulf cluster with 46 computers, 192 CPUs and 600GB RAM is installed at the institute (Xeon-7460, Q9400, i7-2600K, i7-860) on which computations with small to medium memory requirements can be performed.

Large-scale computing systems / super- or high-performance computing

Within the framework of several national and international research projects, the Institute has access to large-scale computing facilities at the Steinbuch Center for Computing (SCC) at KIT, at the High-Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart, and at the Research Center Jülich.

Several high-performance computing facilities of KIT and the country are used (BW-UniCluster, HoReKa).

HLRS Stuttgart
HPE Apollo (Hawk) with the number of compute nodes of 5,632 and a system peak performance of 26 Petaflops

FZ Jülich
At the Forschungszentrum Jülich there is access to JUQUEEN (peak performance 5900 TFlops) and JURECA