Development of a dual-fuel porous radiant burner for operation with pure hydrogen and/or natural gas (WAsserstoffPorenStrahler)

The aim of this project is to develop a prototype for a commercial radiant burner based on porous burner technology, which can be operated with pure hydrogen and alternatively with natural gas/SNG, whereby an admixture of up to 20% by volume of hydrogen in the natural gas/SNG is possible. Hydrogen as a fuel makes a significant contribution to achieving climate targets. At the same time, SNG is a sustainable fuel that is already available on the market. The intended technological development consists of the technical development of the individual components of a radiant burner based on porous burner technology. For a marketable product, corresponding economic manufacturing techniques of the individual components will be established and adapted and developed for safety-related peripheral components. A radiant burner with pure hydrogen as fuel, which is compatible with the existing and future natural gas supply, represents a unique and highly innovative product with regard to the developed components, which is suitable for new installations and for retrofitting existing installations.