Welcome to Combustion Technology 

The Combustion Technology Division of the Engler-Bunte-Institut comprises of the Chair for Combustion Technology and the Chair for Simulation of Reacting Thermo-Fluid Systems. The division pursues research on reacting flows from gaseous, liquid and solid fuels by means of various measurement methods and numerical modelling approaches. The research center for fire protection technology is part of the Chair for Combustion Technology and deals with research and development work in the field of preventive fire protection.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dimosthenis Trimis holds the Char for Combustion Technology. The Chair for Simulation of Reacting Thermo-Fluid Systems is held by Prof. Dr. Oliver T. Stein.









31st German Flame Day for Sustainable Combustion September 27-28 2023 Technische Universität Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin is organizing the 31st German Flame Day for Sustainable Combustion on behalf of the German Association for Combustion Research and the German Section of the Combustion Institute. The use of sustainable fuels will also play a major role in the energy transition. These and other topics of combustion research will be discussed at the German Flame Day. It serves the transfer between science and industry, between fundamentals and application. Link to registration: https://www.conftool.org/flammentag2023

Using Sulfur to Store Solar Energy

The partial project executed by KIT focuses on the technical implementation of combustion. It is planned to develop a lab-scale sulfur burner for stable combustion in the range from 10 to 50 kilowatts at high power densities under atmospheric conditions and temperatures higher than 1400°C. Power density in particular allows for the effective use of sulfur as a fuel for electricity production. “Although combustion often is associated with fossil technologies, we want to show that it also is an important element in the context of the energy transition,” Prof. Trimis says.

Premixed hydrogen combustion at high recirculation rates (BOY-178)

With the progressing decarbonization of the energy market, hydrogen will play an important role in end applications in the near future and will be available on a large scale. With the hydrogen strategy of the "European Green Deal", the European Commission has set itself the goal of hydrogen taking in an integral part of the integrated energy system.